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During the summer, my mum, my dad, my sister and I went to watch badminton at the Commonwealth Games. When we got there, while we were getting our food, we saw Billy Connolly passing by!

When we went in, we bought T-shirts, wristbands and a toy Clyde at the stall. Then we entered the very noisy and crammed arena. It was huge! There were five matches going on at once in the same room! We stayed to watch two of the matches, and they were both Scotland matches. We were supporting Scotland, and Scotland won both of them!

Afterwards, we saw inside the Sir Chris Hoy Veladrome! It was the steepest racing track any of us had ever seen! We all had the time of our lives at the arena, although our train home was very, very late and it took nearly two hours for us to get home! But we still had a great time at the badminton match.


Over the last three weeks, during our digital Commonwealth topic, I have improved my skills of using internet research and of writing blog posts. We interviewed Amy Regan and each other using Easi-speaks, created our own blog posts and much more. I have enjoyed our topic and have had a great time.

Tollcross Swimming Pool by Kate Rankin

My Commonwealth Games adventure started actually before the Commonwealth Games when I got to swim in the Tollcross pool before all the athletes.

I watched the swimming on the television at home. It was great! I was shouting at the television, fingers crossed hoping Scotland would win some gold medals. In fact by the time the Commonwealth Games finished, Scotland had won three gold medals at the pool. I remember Ross Murdoch’s face when he won gold at the pool. I don’t think I’ll ever forget his face when he won gold! I couldn’t believe he beat Michael Jamieson and all the other athletes of course, and I don’t think he could either!

Another highlight was when a girl just aged thirteen called Erraid Davies won a bronze medal for Scotland. I would have loved to be her! I wonder what it would be like to win a medal at the Commonwealth. Amazing probably!

Another person who won gold for Scotland was Daniel Wallace in the 400m medley.

So that was some of my favourite moments in Tollcross pool.

Well-done Glasgow you were pure dead brilliant!

What I Learned in the Digital Commonwealth Project

Throughout the four weeks of Digital Commonwealth I learned so much. In the first week we wrote a blog about the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. In the second week we interviewed each other on our blog posts. I used Easi-speaks. On week three we prepared interviews for our guests coming. In the last week we were pulling all our work together, so in the end I learnt how to blog, interview people, use Easi-Speaks, work together, and prepare our interviews and use the right suitable questions for the interviews.

That is what I learned in the Digital Commonwealth project.


Going to the Badminton by Amy Drummond

When I went to the commonwealth games (at the Emirates Stadium) I went to see the badminton. When we got there we saw a huge Clyde made out of flowers and plants it looked amazing so we got our photos taken beside it, then we went to the security zone, after we had our bags checked we were leaded into the stadium .Inside we got some food and walked into the wrong arena I can’t remember what sport was on but all I know is that it was definitely not badminton.

Once we got into the right arena we were just in time for the games to start, we got great seat right in front of the courts and camera!

I was so excited when the game started it was Scotland v New Zealand and Scotland WWWOOONNN!!!      The crowd went wild (well everybody from Scotland did anyway) it was so much fun!

It was a day I will never Forget

What have we learned?

Through the digital commonwealth I have learned so many new things like how to use a microphone called the easi-speak. It is pretty much a microphone that records what you say. Anyway we used it to record ourselves interviewing each other as preparation for when we did a real interview on Amy Regan, Neeki and Mr MacCargo. We had lots of fun during the digital commonwealth and I loved learning about it all. I’m sad today is our last day but I will never forget all the fun I have had during the……………….

Digital Commonwealth!

Unexpected winner by David Jackson

It was the 200m breaststroke and I and my dad sat sipping IRN BRU on the couch. Michael Jameson was expected to win. Another Scottish guy called Ross Murdoch was in it to but he was probably going to lose. The others didn’t stand a chance Michael was going to win. Splash they all jumped into the pool and he was as fast as a sailfish Michael Jameson was ahead but Ross was right behind him. Faster than a speedboat he overtook Michael with ease swimming for gold he won and even though I was supporting Michael I jumped for joy and hugged dad like it was my birthday but then I thought about Michael. I felt like I was him and I just lost one of the most important games of my life. I watched Ross’s expression and pulled myself together. It was amazing I felt so happy for him. He had just won a commonwealth gold it was the experience of a life time nothing could stop his happiness now he was on top of the world. The medal ceremony was great to watch every one seemed to be happy for Ross Murdoch and Michael Jameson and all of the others it was a great thing to represent Scotland and its people. After it I went to the swimming baths and tried to do the breaststroke and didn’t do very well because I hadn’t been since P5 but I still had a great time which shows athletes can inspire even people with a small interest in a sport. And the wee cheerful face he had made me want to be a commonwealth athlete a cheerful athlete a braw wee athlete a Scottish athlete with a haggis burger in his left hand and IRN BRU in his right. But do you?

What have we learned?

Over the past 4 weeks we have been studying a topic called digital commonwealth with our teacher and a woman called Jenifer. So far it has taught me how to conduct an interview with a microphone and how to create a blog post. The best thing that has happened was meting Louise Renick (a commonwealth gold medallist!) it was a very educational 4 weeks!

My Commonwealth Games and Digital Commonwealth Experience by Matthew Pollock

Opening ceremony

My commonwealth games experience started at the opening ceremony and that is what I will be writing about. I had waited for it for so long and couldn’t wait because it had been so long since the commonwealth games was held in Scotland. I also couldn’t believe that the queen’s baton had travelled all that way and finally made it to Glasgow/Scotland. It had been held by 4000 baton bearers. At the end it was passed to Chris hoy to be taken to the ceremony.  

There was also lots of food associated with Scotland like haggis and shortbread. There were drinks as well like whisky and irn bru    

When the ceremony started there were a lot of pop stars and singers. Then John Barrowman did a show explaining Scotland’s goods and talents. There were walking Irn-Bru and tunnock teacakes. I thought it was really funny and good but not many of my family did. There were lots of other laughs like the time the baton got stuck and sir Chris hoy had to help and the time when all the teams were coming in and someone had a Celtic top. I really enjoyed Glasgow 2014 and it would be good if there could be another commonwealth games here.                          

What we have learned              

During my time at digital commonwealth I have learned lots of things including how to interview, how to use microphones and lots of good facts about the commonwealth games. During that time two athletes have come to our school so we could interview them about their experience at the commonwealth games. ONE OF THEM WAS LOUESE RENIC, A JUDO GOLD MEDALIST, AND THE OTHER ONE WAS AMY REGAN, A GIMNAST THAS GOT 12TH PLACE.WE WROTE BLOGS OBOUT GLASGOWS CULTURE, PEOPLE, PLACES AND EXCHANGE. IT WAS REALLY FUN AND I REALLY WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.    

My Commonwealth Game Experience by Uthman Abid

Roukenglen Park

The Queens baton has went past this park and I have went to this park And this was so close to OLM that’s why I chose this and plus I go to this park with my family and we play I was in the park at that time but I never seen it I was at the waterfall. I came out of Roukenglen Park and my mum told me the Queens Baton was here I never knew that.

Usain Bolt the record holder

Usain bolt is gold in first place and he is still the record holder for gold and he is Jamaican. Usain bolt was in the relay he is still the fastest runner of all time. I would love to have Usain bolt’s autograph stuck on my wall and Usain bolt is who I want to be but not famous to the world but to be at least fast and good at football. I like Usain bolt because he is fast and I heard he is going to sign up for football because they say he is the fastest and he is going to be trained with skills. He is going to be running with the ball so he might play midfielder.

What Scotland is famous for

Scotland is famous for Haggis, Haggis is a bread that Scotland is famous for, Scotland is also famous for is IRN BRU this drink was made by Scottish people and it is one of the most famous drink in Scotland. IRN BRU is a really good drink for Scottish people and whenever Scottish people go to another country they would know we are from Scotland and they would remember us by our language and they would think we eat haggis and drink irn bru but some people might not eat or drink haggis but the accent will switch a button and they would know they are Scottish. Scotland’s accent has two ways slang and normal these two are Scotland’s languages.

What we have learnt about the Commonwealth games

Over the 4 weeks working on the Commonwealth games, we have been learning about how to use the easy speaks [these are like microphones] and we were preparing interviews for some people taking part in the commonwealth games including Amy Regan, Mr.McCargo, Neeki. I have learnt close and open questions and I have learnt to do more teamwork. I hope the next people doing this have a better time than me.


Digital Commonwealth by Cameron Smith

I went to Ibrox to see the rugby with my Dads side of the family on the fourth day of the commonwealth games. There where so many Clydesiders with their pointy glove things, my sister said she high fived 17 Clydesiders, I High fived around 14. My Dad and Mum were kind enough to buy us a flag each. The security was a pain to go through; first we had to go through a long que, then we had to go through the security. Then we wandered through the stadium before we went to the stands where we found our Nana and Papa in the stand at our seats. Then our generous Nana and Papa gave us a lollipop each to suck. Then we gave our cousin Rob our incredibly small flag because he did not have a flag and we had large flags. Each rugby match half only lasted for 5 minutes long and in the intervals there were songs like (I would walk 500 miles) and everyone in the crowd would sing a long, there were also people who were wearing wierd and costumes I also saw a welsh rugby player who I met in the subway named James. Unfortunately Scotland lost to another country. But it was all very fun watch the rugby even if Scotland did lose, I will always remember that day.

What have we learned?

Overall in digital commonwealth we have learned lots of stuff. Here is what we did. On week 1 we did a blog about our favourite time at the commonwealth games we also did some work on culture, people, place and exchange. Next week we interviewed each other about our experiences at the commonwealth games. Then we updated our blog. Then on week 3 we prepared for our guests by making interview questions and then we interviewed them. On week for we pulled it all together. It has been very fun and I hope to do it again.


Digital Commonwealth by Farrah Abdullah

The Commonwealth games started on the 23rd July. When I went into town, I was walking around the shops when I saw athletes about to participate in the Commonwealth games. It was really cool that they were just walking around like normal people! After we had done all our shopping, we went home and watched the gymnastics and saw Amy Regan (Her mum works in our school). She was really good but sadly, she fell off the beam. I was watching her on my television and when I was called for dinner, I was so annoyed because I was enjoying it so much! A bit later on, me and my friend Sarah went to a sports camp! It was brilliant because we done most of the sports that you would do in the Commonwealth games. Like hammer, high jump, long jump, hurdles, sprinting, running and stuff like that. But we also done things that weren’t related to the Commonwealth games, like fun games like wink murder, running in a circle against other people and rounders. It was actually called the Commonwealth games camp, so it was dedicated to it. It was really sad that we didn’t get any tickets for the commonwealth games, but it was still a really, really fun experience! I hope to something as fun as it again soon.

Over the four weeks that we have been doing Digital Commonwealth, I have learned about using easi-speak microphones and we have continued to update and add to the blogs that we wrote. A short time after that, we interviewed our shoulder partner, mine was Ben Dickson, about their experience with the Commonwealth games. It was really fun! Then, the next week, we all got prepared for the interviews by people who were involved with the Commonwealth games. It was amazing because its people that you would usually see on TV. We also looked at some of the interviews! It was embarrassing and funny because my voice sounded so high pitched! And lastly, so far, we have all been putting our brilliant work altogether.